• Color: Bright, eye-catching red.
  • Graphics/Text: Centered towards the upper chest, showing the “Divine 9’s Infinite Possibilities” logo.
  • Font: The bold font used is a sophisticated yet contemporary one, giving the group a modern look while still evoking the sense of boundless possibilities.


  • Graphics/Text: “Thoughts Become Things.”
  • Font and Color: The text and graphics on the back are in stark black ink with white outline which contrasts beautifully with the red background of the T-shirt. This ensures visibility and clarity, while also offering a striking design.

Material and Fit:

  • Material: Soft, breathable cotton, ensuring comfort for the wearer.
  • Fit: Unisex. (Special orders can be considered for Women’s fit or tank tops tees.)

Overall, the T-shirt would not only represent the “Infinite Possibilities” small group but also serve as a daily reminder to its wearers of the power of their thoughts and their boundless potential.