We are a husband-wife owned small business specializing in handmade, homegrown, and intentionally curated crystals, herbs, oils, candles, talisman (bone, horn, wood, antler), etched copper, jewelry, runes, fans, leather pouches, crystal grids, oddities and more!
We work most of the local holistic and psychic fairs and also have numerous consignment shops around the metroplex.

Wendy is a Tarot and Rune Reader and Astrologer.  She combines tarot, oracle and runes, intuitive messages, numerology & predictive/intuitive astrology for all readings.  Her intention in readings is to channel clear messages from God/Universe/Spirit and to empower people with the messages & spiritual tools they need strengthen their personal magic and to transit the ebbs and flows in life.  She’s been reading professionally since 2017 and is currently a teacher and student of astrology.

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2801 Wren Avenue, Fort Worth, Texas 76133, United States
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